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Industrial Steam Iron & Pressing Equipment

Auto Steam Generator

Compact Steam Generator

Steam generator with water Pump

GL-Pro S industrial steam generator

Single or Double Iron Industrial Steam Generator (Auto Fill)
Single iron compact industrial steam generator (Manual Fill)
Single iron industrial steam generator (Pump Fill)
Single iron compact industrial steam generator (with stand)
Heated Vacuum Table
Heated Vacuum Table Rectangular
Braithwaite Pressing Station
Heated Vacuum Table (standard shape)
Heated Vacuum Table(Rectangular Shape)
Braithwaite Pressing Station (Complete Ironing Unit)
Heated vacuum table
(Semi Industrial)
Industrial Steam Iron
Garment steamer variable power
NEW ML Semi-Industrial 299
Industrial Steam irons
Hanging Garment Steamer
Variable power garment steamer
Single iron Semi industrial steam generator
 Braithwaite GAK4E

4kW industrial steam generator to run 2x irons



Steam pressing equipment from Braithwaite

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 Steam pressing offers

New vacuum table 399
New Semi industrial iron 299
Tal heated vacuum table
New vac ironing table 369
Industrial Steam Iron
GL-Pro Steam Generator
Double iron Commercial Generator
Offers:      Steam Generator + Iron  299     Vacuum Ironing Table  369
Double iron auto filling steam generator  990
    All Prices +VAT
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