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Braithwaite Pressing Station

1350 +VAT


Braithwaite Pressing Station industrial steam ironing

The Braithwaite Pressing Station.

A complete industrial steam ironing unit made for: Design Rooms, tailors workshops, ironing services, wardrobe departments, alteration shops & small clothing manufactures, etc.

Comprising a heated vacuum table, Pressure steam generator & industrial steam iron

The Pressing station is designed as a compact industrial ironing unit with features similar to those of much bigger tables & generators.  It should not be confused with domestic or semi-industrial units, as only industrial components are used throughout our entire range.

It is aimed at users who require professional finished results from compact equipment, which is easy to set-up & use.  

It requires no special installation, uses standard tap water & is powered by 2 standard 13 amp plugs.


  Heated Vacuum sleeve arm shape

Optional add-on heated sleeve arm kit Now available !!!


Table features:

Strong industrial metal box frame construction.
Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards.
Built-in powerful industrial vacuum motor (as used in the bigger vacuum tables) to quickly draw steam through the garment + dry & fix at the same time.
Pressing surface with built-in heating element & led indicator, to help reduce pressing dampness.
Lower garment tray.
Central foot pedal to operate vacuum motor leaving both hands free.
High temperature iron rest with hose support.
Upgrade port & upgrade electrical socket fitted as standard, so you can add sleeve arms etc.
A big design feature is its Hinged drop down table top & wheels for easy space saving storage (see photo)

Braithwaite steam pressing station upright


Steam Generator features:

Fully enclosed compact metal construction, based on the larger boilers.
5 litre stainless steel heating chamber.
Service/Element port, with the element mounted inside the boiler.
Built-in illuminated water level gauge.
Built-in steam pressure gauge.
Top mounted, user adjustable, solenoid valve to control the steam flow
Top mounted safety release valve.
Top mounted manual filler cap: for adding standard tap water.
Blow down / service drain tap. normally only found on much larger generators.
Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards.
Supplied complete with an industrial long base steam iron with thermostat & thermal safety device. <Iron info here>



Compact Industrial

Professional Ironing Range


vacuum table with hinged top

industrial steam pressure gauge

water lever gauge

Hinged Top

Steam Pressure Gauge

Water Level Gauge

lower tray

powerful industrial vacuum motor fitted to pressing table

central foot pedal

Lower Tray

Powerful industrial Vacuum Motor

Central Foot Pedal

The Braithwaite pressing station can be viewed & demonstrated at our Salford / Manchester Warehouse.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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Double iron auto filling steam generator  990
    All Prices +VAT
J. Braithwaite & Co. (SM) Ltd
5 Cheltenham Street - Salford - Manchester M6 6WY - England

Tel: 0843 289 7560

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