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Steam generator & iron from Braithwaite



ML - Semi-Industrial

Single Iron Steam Generator

299 +VAT

ML Semi industrial steam iron and steam generator

  Braithwaite's new ML Semi industrial steam generator is now available to customers who do not require our bigger industrial units, but still need a quality steam generator with UK service and back-up. 

The ML Semi industrial is ideal as a replacement for uses who find domestic irons/generators not durable or powerful enough.  Suitable for use by designers, small tailors, home workers, large households, fashion students, dress makers etc

The Braithwaite ML requires no special installation, its very easy to operate, uses standard tap water* & is powered by a standard 13 amp plug.

Supplied already fitted with an industrial steam iron; featuring a comfy cork handle and oversized red micro-switch for easy steam activation.     


ML Semi-Industrial Steam Generator features:

  • Fully enclosed compact metal construction, based on our larger boilers.
  • Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality & safety standards
  • Hi-grade European components used for a better duty rating.
  • Durable metal stainless steal steam housing.
  • Built-in steam pressure gauge.
  • Separate on/off switches for the generator and iron.
  • Top mounted safety release valve.
  • Top mounted, pressure locking, manual water filler cap.
  • Pressurized steam chamber with 1.5L total capacity.
  • Including an industrial steam iron with thermostat & thermal safety fuse. 
  • Supplied with high temperature silicon-rubber iron rest and hose support rod.
  • Rating: 230V 50Hz 2kW (standard 13amp plug).
  • Dimensions approx: 270x350x300mm (excluding iron and hose support rod).

 ML Semi-Pro steam generator pressure gauge

*in hard water areas you are recommended to use softened or treated water.


Compact Semi-Industrial

Steam Generator & Iron

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